Increase Revenue and Profits with Any Food Service Business

Grow average order value, lifetime value and profits by enabling recurring revenue and advanced customer loyalty.

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Profit Margin

Trusted by the Most Successful Food Service Brands

Deliver Best-in-Class Food Subscriptions & Rewards to Your Customers

Access Recurring Revenue, Up-Sells & Marketing Automation

1. Start in Minutes

Set up your virtual, physical, or hybrid shop.Set your branding, menu, and ordering rules that fit your business.

2. Sell & Fulfil Easily

Accept payment, manage orders, send automatic updates, and provide support, all done from Prado.

3. Grow Your Business

Apply loyalty programs, referrals, promos and other marketing tactics built-in to increase your sales.

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Increase Repeat Customers & AOV

Get everything you need to operate your business, from your own virtual storefront, to your back-end inventory manager. Say goodbye to juggling between different apps and files.

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Effortless Customer Engagement

Enhance customer relationships with built-in loyalty and referral programs, targeted marketing, and easy communication tools. Eliminate the need for fragmented marketing tools.

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Real-Time Data to Optimize Offerings

Leverage Prado's analytics to understand customer behavior, optimize your offerings, and make data-driven decisions for growth. Avoid the guesswork of separate analytics tools.

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Mobile and Desktop Virtual Storefront

Get your own e-store, optimized to increase subscription value and order up-sells. Launch it on the web or as iOS and Android apps*.

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*iOS and Android apps only with Enterprise Plan

“The Prado team was up to the challenge to design a fully integrated system that actually worked for our business. The team is highly collaborative and results and deadline driven. We consider Prado true partners in building the foundation for our national expansion.”

Sam Polk | Everytable CEO

Prado is Perfect for Small and Large Food Operators

Hybrid Physical & Online Sales with Diverse Payment Options
One Time & Subscription Orders with Flexible Scheduling
Single & Multiple Locations with Nationwide Delivery
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Integrate Easily with your Favorite Tools & Services

...and many more!
How quickly can I set up my food service business with Prado?

Starting with Prado is straightforward and efficient. You can launch your virtual, physical, or hybrid shop with all the customizations your brand requires. Tailor your branding, menu, and ordering rules to perfectly align with your business strategy. Prado is about empowering you to begin without delays, providing the tools you need for a quick start.

Can Prado help me manage subscriptions and one-time orders simultaneously?

Absolutely! Prado is designed to handle both subscription-based orders and one-time purchases with ease. Flexible scheduling options allow you to cater to a wide range of customer preferences, ensuring your business model adapts to every customer's needs seamlessly.

How does Prado assist in increasing my Average Order Value (AOV) and repeat customer rate?

Prado significantly enhances your AOV by integrating subscription functionality, which has been proven to increase AOV up to 3x higher than single-time orders. Our platform not only encourages repeat business through seamless subscription management but also incorporates loyalty programs, referrals, and promotional strategies. This integrated approach ensures your customers have compelling reasons to spend more and visit more often, fostering a loyal customer base eager to engage with your offerings.

Is customer engagement and communication streamlined with Prado?

Yes, Prado revolutionizes customer engagement by consolidating loyalty and referral programs, targeted marketing, and communication tools in one place. This means no more fragmented marketing efforts. You can now engage your customers more effectively and effortlessly, enhancing relationships and driving sales.

What insights can I gain from Prado's analytics to optimize my offerings?

With Prado’s real-time analytics, dive deep into customer behaviors and preferences to fine-tune your offerings for optimal performance. Our analytics tools empower you to make data-driven decisions, eliminating guesswork and enabling strategic growth. This level of insight ensures your offerings are always aligned with what your customers want.